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Behind Pragmatic CTO is a technology team as thestartupfactory.tech, lead by me, Aleksa Vukotic, as the CTO. As CTO of the thestartupfactory.tech, I've worked with a number of founders and startup/scaleup companies, lending my experience as CTO in the early stages of the complines lifecycle.

In Pragamtic CTO series we'll be sharing insighs and experiences of the CTO role in early stage companies, the relationship between technology and founders/investors, and tips how to successfully navigate the technology vision in your company by hiring the right CTO.

Being a sofware engineer at heart, I've been lucky to be involved with some of leading sofware technologies throughout my career, work with some amzing people and experience challenges in dbuilding successful sofware porjects AND companies first hand. With this in mind, I'm hoping to highlight the path to CTO roles to amazing technologiests out there, wishing to explore becoming a CTO as a next stage in their careers.